About the LYPC

Who We Are

The LYPC is a non-profit organization that gives teenagers the opportunity to learn how to run a non-profit (‘501(c)3’) philanthropic foundation – and then helps them to put what they learn into practice by making grants of $5,000 in the Louisville, Kentucky area.

The LYPC brings 10-15 teenagers together in a Council that meets for 2-1/2 hours for 15 Saturdays during the school year.  The Council develops a philanthropic mission, researches and interviews organizations with programs that fulfill that mission, makes site visits and ultimately decides how to distribute $5,000 in grant money.  The Council members are also charged with raising the $5,000 in grant money for the following year’s class.  Grant awards are made by the Council members to the organizations selected at a dinner banquet in March of each year.

Why We Do It

The LYPC is a ‘triple play’ for our community: first, we help teenagers develop a philanthropic spirit at a young age; second, the community is helped by the grants that the Council awards; third, we are inspiring our youth to future service in the non-profit world – either as a career path, or as a volunteer.

Who Can Do It

Any student in grades 9 to 12 in a public, private or parochial school in Jefferson County, Kentucky can apply for a seat on the Council.  In fact, we live by the motto:  ‘Philanthropy is for everyone!’

The application deadline is the end of June for the upcoming school year.  All applicants must write a short essay on why they would like to participate, and then pass a face-to-face screening interview.