1.  Who can be an LYPC member?

Any public, private or parochial high school student (grades 9 through 12) in Jefferson County, Kentucky may submit an application to become an LYPC member.  The application includes writing a short essay on why you would like to be a part of the program.

2.  Does it cost anything to be a part of the LYPC?

No!  There are no fees of any kind for LYPC members. 

3.  How do I get accepted to the LYPC?

Your application form is reviewed by a committee, and those who pass the first screening are invited to a face-to-face interview session – usually in July or August.  The interviews are with the LYPC staff, as well as former LYPC members.  If you successfully pass your interview, you will be notified by letter before the LYPC sessions begin.

4.  When do the LYPC meetings happen?

There are 15 sessions scheduled on Saturdays throughout the school year.  Meeting dates are determined based upon the school calendars, so the LYPC does not necessarily meet EVERY Saturday.  The first LYPC session is typically near the end of September, and the last is at the end of February.  There are also some special events:  a ‘Launch Breakfast’ in October (an excused school absence), and the final ‘Awards Banquet’ in March. 

5.  How long are the meetings?

The sessions run from 11:00am to 01:30pm.  Lunch is provided.

6.  Where does the LYPC meet?

Sessions are held at St. Francis High School, at 233 West Broadway in downtown Louisville.   There is a parking garage available next to the school, with access from 3rd Street.

 7.  What happens if I miss a meeting?

Attendance at LYPC sessions is mandatory, except for illness or family emergency.  Since the Council works as a team, everyone needs to be there.  You will be asked to sign a pledge to indicate your commitment.  If a Council member has more than three unexcused absences, that person will not be permitted to participate in the Awards Banquet and will not receive a completion certificate.

8.  Who leads the LYPC sessions?

For the 2010-2011 school year, there will be two LYPC Councils with 10-15 members each.  Each class has its own facilitator who is an experienced non-profit professional.