Back in 2005, the Donors Forum of Kentuckiana (an organization of about 30 grant-making foundations in the Louisville area) brainstormed ways to fulfill its mission to “bring philanthropy to the community”.  The idea of providing a program for the youth of Louisville to experience philanthropy was voted the best way to achieve this mission, and the LYPC was thus conceived.

After two years of research and planning, the Donors Forum funded a three-year ‘demonstration program’ for the LYPC in order to prove the concept.

The first LYPC was launched in 2007-2008.  That year’s Council selected as a mission “supporting programs that serve children with behavioral and self-esteem issues”, and awarded two grants, to Maryhurst and Brooklawn.

The second LYPC took place during the 2008-2009 school year.  The 10-person Council selected “supporting programs that help homeless and abused children” as its mission, and awarded three grants – two grants to St. Joseph’s Children’s Home and one to The Center for Women and Families.

2009-2010 was Year Three for the LYPC.  Seven different public, parochial and private schools in Jefferson County were represented by 13 people (sophomores, juniors and seniors).  Two teams were formed:  Team Unique, with the mission to support programs that help children with autism; and Team 502Pure, with the mission to help organizations with a goal of educating and encouraging a sustainable Louisville.  Three grants were ultimately awarded by the two teams: Breaking New Grounds, Clifton Orchards and FEAT.

2010-2011 was the Fourth year of the LYPC.  16 students representing eight different schools created two separate Councils.  Team ‘Perseverance’ chose as its mission to support programs that helped youth with disabilities.  Team ‘Supertroopers’ mission was to help families of military servicepeople.  Six grants were awarded by these teams:  Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Center, University of Louisville – Frazier Rehab, Harbor House, Veteran’s Administration Hospital, American Legion of Kentucky and Our Military Kids, Inc.

2010-2011_End of the Year Report

The 2011-2012 was the FIFTH year of the LYPC.  We just finished our classes, and what a great year!  19 students representing ten different schools created two separate Councils.   Team Motivators’ mission was “to support programs that provide a system of support to 6th through 12th graders with emotional issues due to drugs, alcohol or violence.”  Team American Dream’s chose as its mission “to support cultural outreach programs that provide services to the family unit of refugees/immigrants in our community.”  Two grants were awarded by these teams to Brooklawn and Kentucky Refugee Ministries.

2011-2012 Mid Year Report | 2011-2012 End of the Year Report